Research Topics


Our Goal

Our research focuses on the role of water and volatile elements in magmatic and hydrothermal systems. The physical and chemical processes in these systems play an important role in the long-term magma storage and eruption behavior of volcanic systems, as well as the generation and evolution of continental crust, the exsolution and transport of fluids, and the formation of ore deposits and mineral resources. For our work, we analyze magmatic rocks and deposits for their geochemical and isotopic compositions, document observations of geological relationships on scales ranging from field observations to microscopic textures, and simulate magmatic and hydrothermal processes through high-temperature experiments and numerical methods.

Our main research interests focus on the following topics:

  • Formation and long-term storage of silicic magmas
  • The magmatic-hydrothermal transition and pegmatites
  • Effect of volatiles on the eruption behavior of volcanic systems
  • Chemical exchange reactions between magma reservoir and surrounding crust
  • Coupling petrological and thermodynamic constraints to geophysical models of volcanic systems



Prof. Dr. Juliana Troch

Head of the Institute


+49 241 80 95762