SS 2023 - Teaching Award of the Student Council for Jun.-Prof. Dr. Juliana Troch

Professor Troch receives the award. Copyright: © FG GuG

Since 2010, the teaching award of the teaching unit Applied Geosciences of RWTH Aachen University is awarded by the student council Fachschaft GeoRes. The awardees are chosen yearly by students and traditionally announced on the GeoTag. The award is financed through the quality improvement fund.

The award generally consists of the following three categories:

  • Best teaching
  • Best innovations in teaching / Teaching foster award
  • Outstanding perfomances

The awardee may use the prize money as they like. However, the general rules and regulations concerning the use of the quality improvement fund must be observed.

Junior-Professor Juliana Troch receives the award of the category "Best Newcomer" for her refreshing teaching with which she created interest and joy in learning among the students, especially in the course "Introduction to Mineralogy".


Paul Niggli Medal 2022 to Jun.-Prof. Dr. Juliana Troch

Prof. Troch with member of the board Copyright: © Swiss Journal of Geosciences

The Board of the Paul Niggli Foundation decided to award the Paul Niggli Medal 2022 to Jun.-Prof. Dr. Juliana Troch in recognition of her innovative research combining field work, experimental petrology and modelling to understand the thermodynamic evolution of fluids in magmatic systems.

The award ceremony will take place during the 2022 SGM meeting in Lausanne.

The Paul Niggli Medal is Switzerland’s most prestigious “young scientist award” in the Earth Sciences. Since the 100th birthday of Paul Niggli in 1988, it has been awarded annually by the Paul Niggli Foundation, through a committee under the auspices of the Swiss Society of Mineralogy and Petrology. The Paul Niggli Medal honors young geoscientists for outstanding achievements in the fields of mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology, resource geology or solid-earth geophysics and in the technical applications of these fields. The medal and a cash prize are awarded yearly at the plenary session of the Swiss Geoscience Meeting.


Polarization Microscopy Laboratory

Polarazition Microscopy Laboratory Copyright: © Kathrin Heinzmann Polarization Microscopy Laboratory

We are pleased, that the polarization microscopy Laboratory has been equipped with 20 new teaching microscopes.

Many thanks to Professor Wagner from the Institute for Applied Mineralogy and Economic Geology, who organized the procedure, whereby our courses "Polarization Microscopy I and II" are upgraded for the students.

The total costs amounted to 150,000 Euro. They were financed from quality improvement funds, HSP III funds and from the teaching units of our division that use this laboratory.