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Volcanology field trip

A Student takes earth sample Copyright: © Prof. Troch Eifel volcanic field trip

As part of the MSc module “Volcanology” a 4-day fieldtrip was organized in June 2023 to visit the Eifel volcanic field (Germany). In the future, this fieldtrip will be offered annually in the MSc Applied Geosciences curriculum. The goal is to give the students an overview about the evolution of volcanic activity in the Eifel region, to practically apply the content of the associated lecture series and investigate a range of volcanic deposits in the field.

During the fieldtrip, the participants held numerous short presentations about a range of volcanic topics at the visited outcrops. They also drew a volcano-sedimentary profile at the famous Wingertsberg wall to study the different eruptive stages of the Laacher See eruption, the largest volcanic eruption in Europe in the last 25,000 years. Of course a visit to the Mendig lava caves, which historically were used to brew beer, were part of the program too.



Students look over the volcanic Eifel Copyright: © Prof. Troch Eifel volcanic field trip

The excursion was led by Jun.-Prof. Juliana Troch and Dr. Ying-Jui Hsu (PFP) as well as Jun.-Prof. Nicole Richter (NUG).